Longdraw BC16 Mechanism

In order to explain the mechanism of the Longdraw BC16 better, I made a video explaining and showing how it works. To see more about the gun, see my original post.

Longdraw BC16 Mechanism


Ultimate Lego Gun: Longdraw BC16

The Longdraw BC16 is the Ultimate Lego Gun. It has great power, accuracy, rate of fire and range. It also has a pretty sweet video. Check it out:

Ultimate Lego Gun: Longdraw BC16

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Ultimate Lego Gun Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of my new Lego gun, a rifle with enough power to destroy a 4 layer Lego wall at 10 feet (3 meters). Most of my other guns consider themselves powerful when they can destroy a 4 layer wall at point blank range!

Ultimate Lego Gun Sneak Peek


Robotics Competiton Hint

In case you were wondering how to make your robot grab cubes and lift them to score with only one motor, here's a simple mechanism that is able to to both. It isn't robust enough to wok well in the competition yet, but with a bit of modification it could work quite nicely.



DroidFreak Lego Robotics Competition 2012 - rules

Welcome to the first DroidFreak Lego Robotics Competition. This competition will be conducted over the internet, so anyone can enter by building a Lego robot and posting it online. Spread the word to anyone who might be interested so they can enter too.

See my playing field post for some of the basics.

There will be three categories in the competition:

NXT only:
This category allows only the electronics from one Lego Mindstorms NXT set to be used, the sole exception being an IR receiver sensor if you wish to control your robot via IR. This places all contestants on a reasonably level playing field, though it will be difficult to make a 3-motor robot perform all the functions (That's why I allow going around the obstacle).

This category allows the electronics from one NXT set, IR receiver and/or IR link sensors, and Power Functions electronics consisting of 1 battery box, one receiver, and the number of motors Lego recommends to be used with a battery box (2 XL, 1 XL + 2M, 4M). By giving robots a few extra motors this category makes it much more feasible to perform all the game's functions.

All Lego:
This category allows any and all Lego electronics. Have fun building a complicated machine that can use any number of NXT, RCX and PF motors, not to mention all the other Lego electronics. If you have enough Lego electronics you could build a robot for this category that performs extremely well in the game.