Semi-Automatic Shell-Ejecting Lego Shotgun

In other words: Epically awesome Lego gun. The only problem it has is that it has fairly low range and power, but it is great for close range use. It fires 6 shots of 3 bullets (3-unit Lego beams) each. It shoots every time you pull the trigger and it ejects a "shell" with each shot as well.


Epic Lego Shotgun Sneak Peek

I recently had an idea for an awesome Lego gun, so I constructed a magazine for it. The magazine has 6 barrels that you load with 3 3-unit beams each, and each is held in the cocked position by a pin that stick trough the side of the magazine. The gun will be semi-automatic, each time you pull the trigger you pull out one of the pins, releasing one of the barrels and ejecting the pin from the side of the gun. This makes it shoot (because the barrel shoots the 3 bullets) and eject a "shell" at the same time, which will be pretty cool.

Semi-Automatic Lego Shotgun Sneak Peek

Update: I now have it in full operation, semi-auto. It's pretty sweet.