Backlog: Hurricane Launcher mark V

Because Maelstrom's gun, the Hurricane Launcher mark IV, was based off the mark II and III versions it didn't perform much better than earlier versions. I made little progress in Zamor launching technology until I created the Droideka pistols (post coming soon). Because each of them only had a single motor, they didn't fire very fast, but they used a new type of structure that was lighter than my previous Zamor launchers and I used that type of structure to produce the Hurricane Launcher mark V. It surpassed the previous RoF (Rate of Fire) record by 3 rounds per second, but more importantly it had a lighter structure and used less parts. My previous Hurricane Launchers used nearly a whole NXT set worth of parts each, but the mark V uses only a few large beams, making it easier to incorporate it into other projects by freeing up parts for use elsewhere. I have yet to make a tank using the Hurricane Launcher mark V as its gun, but I probably will at some point because the mark V is better than the previous versions.

Hurricane Launcher mark V

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