Mini Lego Shotgun

This is a small Lego gun that fires up to 9 Lego beams in a spread pattern like a shotgun. It's similar to the design used by rosewarrior21 in his Lego Shotgun video. It doesn't fire as many bullets as rosewarrior21's, but mine is much smaller (thus "Mini").

Mini Lego Shotgun (working)

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The way this gun works is quite simple. You load the beams you wish to fire into the front and pull back the firing rod. The gun must be tilted up when the firing rod is pulled back so the bullets fall back into the barrel. Once the bullets have fallen past the trigger, the trigger falls back into place and you can release the firing rod. It will remain loaded until you push the trigger forwards, releasing the bullets and letting the firing rod shoot them out the barrel.

Overview pictures

This gun consists of two parts: The firing rod and the main body (trigger, barrel and handle). The two parts are connected by rubber bands (4 on each side of the gun).

The rubber bands connecting the two parts

The rubber bands disconnected

 The two parts

A close up of the back of the firing rod

 The back of the firing rod is held together by a few 9 unit axles.

The back of the firing rod disassembled

 The firing rod disassembled

The trigger

The trigger removed

The top of the barrel removed

The top disassembled
The two sides of the gun are composed of a few different sections and each side is a mirror image of the other, so I will only take apart one of them.

The sides of the gun attached

The right side removed

 The right side disassembled

The bottom of the barrel

The bottom disassembled


  1. it seems that you have improved on the loading system. like yours, mine did not have a proper trigger. instead, it had a compact version of what you had on the bottom. i'm not sure it you were able to see it. question for you: how many projects do you have made at one time? it as if you had the sphere eater, hurricane mark VI, and the pump action Lego rifle all made at the same time. that seems like a lot of pieces...

  2. i never realized how "mini" it actually was until i saw it on your blog...
    my shotgun magazine was 23m long, which allowed for a total of 19m of beam space.

  3. @qlaxx22: I saw your trigger. Yours (and PrototypeNo97's) used a 4 by 2 angle peice. Since I intended my shotgun to have no other trigger, I made mine bigger to make it easier to use. The Hurricane mark VI was actually taken apart a while ago (remember Flash Flood?), but I often have two or three projects built at once. I did build Cheetank while the Pump-Action Lego Rifle was built. None of my projects use as many parts as your shotgun. How did you come up with enough parts to build a gun and two large magazines? My mini shotgun is actually 35 units long, but that's because it has a large trigger and a short barrel added on.

  4. how long was your magazine? i got almost all of my parts from various bionicle sets. i got some parts from the mindstorms nxt 2.0, and some extra beams (170 to be precise)from legoeducation.com. where do you get your parts? from your videos, i have determined that you were a bionicle fan too, so that would account for some of them, but the rest?

  5. I loaded 9 or 10 units of beams into mine, though maybe it could hold a bit more. I got parts from my bionicle collection (which was pretty big), from NXT 2.0 and from the Lego Education Resource set. Maybe a few of my Lego Star Wars parts leaked in there too. 170 is a lot of beams. How did you get all of those? 170 extra beams probably explains how you had enough to build two magazines and still have ammo to shoot. =)

  6. i got 170 beams from legoeducation (thanks for telling me about that site!!!!) while 170 beams are great, you still need the connectors, pins, axles, and other parts to fully utilize the beams. you probably know what i mean...

  7. Yes, I know what you mean. I sometimes run low on pegs, but I usually have enough axles and other parts for what I want to do. Shortage of beams is probably the single biggest barrier to progress in my projects, so I may have to buy a few packs of 35 beams. 70 (10 of each kind) would probably be enough, because that would just about double the number of large beams I have.

  8. personally, i think its really annoying when you run out of a certain part, connector, of pin.