Backlog: Droideka Pistols

It's been a while since I posted any backlog posts (due to the aforementioned busyness), so I decided to start finishing the job. I mentioned this project in my Hurricane Launcher mark V post, this was the project where I developed the innovative structure of the mark V.

The idea came because I like the Droidekas (aka Destroyer Droids) in Star Wars and I thought it would be cool to make a pair of pistols that mimic the Droideka's two dual blasters. Each pistol would have to have one motor, two Zamor launchers and a grip that allows you to fire.

From my recent work with compact single Zamor launchers I knew that only two beams are required to securely hold a Zamor launcher, and in this project I had the brilliant idea to put those beams on the outside of the launchers rather than in the middle. That opened up a lot of space for the firing mechanism and I was able to make them quite efficient. The Hurricane mark V was built with virtually the same structure extended to hold 3 motors and 4 launchers.

NXT Droideka Pistols

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