Lego Battle Tank with working turret

The video for my new tank is finally completed. For those of you who don't know, it is a tank that has a turret that can rotate and shoot. Sorry for some of the footage being poor quality, I already spent a lot of time on this movie without trying to re-shoot the footage more times.

Lego Battle Tank with working turret

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First, more info on the video (from the YouTube watch page):
A Lego tank that has a turret that can rotate and shoot. Did I mention it's awesome?

My new YouTube friend MoshiB9865 gave me the idea for this project in the first place, he deserves some credit for what it turned out to be. His other account, TrueTrance117, also gave me the music for this video. If you like it, check out his channel for more similar songs.

The music in this video is a song called Extatica by OcularNebula on Newgrounds. It is made to be looped, so it sounds coherent even though I looped it 5 times in this video. Visit this page to download it for free:
Now we can get to the information about the tank's mechanisms.

The tank drive itself is quite simple. It has no suspension or gearing, it's just two NXT motors directly connected to the two sets of treads. The only thing special about it is that the treads are mounted far below the main platform of the tank through the use of 90 degree pieces. This makes the treads a bit looser (I tightened them by removing one link from my standard 60 per side), but it makes it possible to mount the third motor and the NXT brick under the platform while keeping the tank from dragging on the ground.

Mounting the NXT and third motor under the platform in turn allowed me to make the platform flat on top. I situated the third motor so that the part that rotates is right in the middle of the tank and is inside a rectangular frame piece for stability.

More coming soon, I'm busy now...

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