Lego Nerf Hail-fire Tank Sneak Peek

Well, to make a long story short my few attempts to make videos on the projects seen in my last HQ video didn't turn out well and I came up with an idea that was just too good to pass up. It's actually funny how I got it, some random YouTuber commented on my Barricade turret video "you just need to make then the barricade can hold 100 bullets XD", and three ideas ran through my head:

  1. That grammar is terrible
  2. Barricades can't hold 100 darts, are you crazy?
  3. But Hail-fires can hold 144!
And thus the Hail-fire turret was born. But this time I didn't leave it at a turret. The most common comment I get on my stationary guns is that I should mount them on a tank. I figured since I was already making the most epic Nerf turret ever I might as well go all the way and make the most epic Nerf tank ever. So I made a Lego tank that can fully operate a Nerf N-strike Elite Hail-fire, giving it a massive capacity and awesome range.

I made a sneak peek video where you see from that tank's point of view, the full video will come within the next few weeks.

Lego Nerf Hail-fire Tank Sneak Peek


  1. why did u stop posting i love your blog

  2. I'm really sorry about that, it's just that while I'm at college it's hard to post Lego content because it requires shooting physical videos and I don't have the time/space/equipment to do that available at the moment. I am posting Minecraft videos on my second YouTube channel, DroidFreak36, because that is a lot easier to make at college and I'll probably return to posing Lego content during the summer when I'm back at my own house.