Backlog: ToothBot

This was originally posted on NXTlog. It was my first project after I bought the NXT 2.0 set:


Since I got mindstorms NXT 2.0 a few days ago, I got bored with the models it included instructions for. Robogator in particular is disappointing (poor walking mechanism, and it can't bite anything. I built my own robot with jaws from the starter model, and it turned out quite nicely. It includes only parts that come out of the box with NXT 2.0


Ok, maybe only one jaw. The lower jaw would inhibit it biting things. It bites weakish lego walls, and sometimes my feet. (oops!) I'm glad to say it doesn't really hurt. This is all I really added to the quickstart model to make this project. Big thanks to Lego for giving me the base of this project. Pic 1-front Pic 2-top Pic 3-bottom Pic 4-base Pic 5-back diagonal


The picture is one of the walls ToothBot attacks. The video shows it attacking a few of those walls. The program I used wasn't very precise, but it worked pretty well for a first project. I may have to reconstruct ToothBot and make a better program. UPDATE: I have reconstructed ToothBot and improved the program, see my new blog post.

NOTE: This video never appeared on NXTlog. I couldn't find a way to convert videos back when I posted this project, so you are the first to see it.

More pictures

Pic 1-overall view with jaw down Pic 2-front view with jaw up Pic 3-only back half (identical to starter model) Pic 4-wiring (including manual correction, which I discovered on my own =))

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