Backlog: Tornado Launcher

A few weeks after I made the Hurricane Launcher mark III, I had a new idea for a super-efficient Zamor launcher, and it produced the Tornado Launcher. It only uses one motor like Brian Davis' guns, but thanks to my awesome firing mechanism it fires faster than even the Hailstorm Launcher with only 2 Zamor launchers. It fires 13 spheres per second, blowing away the 9.5 spheres per second of the Hailstorm Launcher.

Tornado launcher

I also posted the Tornado Launcher on NXTlog under the title Compact High Speed Zamor Sphere Launcher. It included a short video and full instructions. The tank I mention in the project never worked quite right, but Tempest (Spoiler: I'll post a video of Tempest soon), another Tornado Launcher tank actually worked quite well. Here's the instructions:

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