Cubology step 6: Switch last layer sides

Note: The pictures in this section must ignore the orientation of the side cubies, so act like side cubies with one facelet the color of the top layer are completely the color of the other facelet (If the top layer is green, act like a green and white corner is completely white).

1: If one of the side cubies is in the right place (Between the two middles the same color as it's facelets. It can be flipped, you'll fix that next step), turn the cube until it is in the front and do one of  these:

Your side cubies should be in the right place. Just one more step to go!

2: If none of the sides are in place, execute either of the step 1 algorithms. You should end up with one side in place, so do step 1 to put the side cubies in the right place.

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