Cubology: Defining terms.

The following is a list of terms you'll need to know in order to understand my Rubik's cube solution.


Cubology: The study of Rubiks cubes. (I completely made word this up)

Layer: A section of the cube that can be rotated. I normally refer to the horizontal layers: top, middle (or center) and bottom.

Face: One of the six sides (not to be confused with side cubies) of the cube.

Cubie: One of the 26 cube-like pieces that make up a Rubiks cube. There are 9 cubies (3 by 3) in each horizontal layer of the cube except the center layer, which doesn't have a cube in the middle.

Facelet: One of the square stickers on the cube. 9 of these make up a face.

Corner cubie (or just Corner): A cubie with 3 facelets. They also form the corners of every face.

Side cubie (or just Side): A cubie with 2 facelets. They also form the sides of every face.

Center cubie (or just Center): A cubie with 1 facelet. They also form the center of every face.

Note on center cubies: Center cubies never move compared to the center of the cube. They are directly attached to the frame, but can spin around in place. For that reason, the color of a face is determined by the color of it's center.


Target cubie: The cubie you are currently working on. This is darkened in my drawings.

Target position: The position where the target cubie should go. This is blue in my drawings.

Target color: The color of the face of the layer you are working on (During the first 2 steps this is the color of the bottom face, during the last 4 steps it is the color of the top face). This is green in my drawings.

Matching color: All of the facelets of this color in my drawings are of one color (they are all the same color) on the real cube. These are red and yellow in my drawings.

Move: Rotating one layer of the cube. My notation system includes 14 of these:
 In the center are the two moves which turn the front layer. The others are fairly easy to understand. Just move a row of the front face in the direction of the arrow.

Algorithm: A set of moves used to manipulate the target cubie. Each algorithm has a name (most of which I invented) and a picture showing what the cube should look like before you do the algorithm. Most of the pictures are 3D, but ones marked "TV" are a top view of the cube. On all of the pictures, the side marked "F" is the front.

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