Backlog: Turtle Bot

This was originally posted on NXTlog more than 2 years ago:

Turtle Bot

A bot that wears it's NXT brick on the back like a turtle's shell. It has two Zamor sphere launchers and an ultrasonic sensor in the front. This is the first time I have succeeded in making a compact zamor tank, and I think it is pretty awesome The breakthrough was to have the motor powering the launcher backwards so that I don't have a really long gun. Main pic: top front view pic 2: back aerial view pic 3: front aerial view pic 4: back view w/ spheres in tray pic 5: front view w/ spheres

This is the big thing about this bot. My backwards arrangement enabled me to make this bot compact. Main pic: shows backwards motor mechanism (Normally the NXT would be on top of this part. pic 2: close up on the actual motor pic 3: another pic of back motor mechanism pic 4: the forward firing mechanism with the tray removed pic 5: the tray

Driving base

 The base of this vehicle is important because it enables the bot to move. Main pic: bottom view pic 2: another bottom view pic 3: pic of the beam that connects motors in the rear.


Movie of the bot executing its primary program, shooting you, and doing wheelies. (pic is repeat)

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